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Audit practice

When you request an audit by RE VERA Consulting group you get an opportunity to receive objective and independent assessment of organization's economic and financial activities.

During the audit, our aim is to identify any possible mistakes, to correct them and to assess the extent of potential financial loss. We also look at ways to minimize tax risks and provide specific recommendations to improve your business.

With Care for Your Business - this is the professional credo of RE VERA Consulting group auditors.

How we can help?
- relevancy, completeness and fair presentation of financial accounting reports
- accurate reflection of account operations
- purposeful use of the credits and investments
- investor's financial status (investor's or initiator's of the investment project)
- Issuer's financial condition
- authorized fund formation and the origin of the money paid to the authorized capital by organization's founders (participants)
- tax return calculations accuracy assessment
- enterpriser's assets and structure evaluation
- value of the fixed assets that are owned or are managed by the audited company

Related services:
- creation financial statements
- assessment of enterprise's value as a property complex and other property evaluation
- organization or reorganization of financial or tax accounting
- composition of income and property declarations
- economical and financial activities analysis
- informational support
- business risks assessment
- adaptation of financial statements to international standards

Tax practice

Tax consulting is one of the most difficult and interesting fields of law practice.

Tax legislation of the Republic of Belarus is characterized by frequent changes and also has some definite specifics in law enforcement. Frequently, an error in calculation of one tax involves a series of mistakes in calculation of other mandatory payments.

Effectiveness of our services in that sphere is based not only on our specialist's knowledge in the field of legislation on accounting and taxation. We can also rely on our experience in audit, pre-trial and trial regulation of tax disputes. Tax consultants of RE VERA Consulting group help resolving issues concerned with calculating and paying taxes, as well as applying international tax agreements. We can also help with investment, tax disputes, tax consequences of having one or another type of a business entity in the Republic of Belarus.

How we can help?
  • Tax planning
    We develop the form of a business entity that takes into account the tax consequences and extent of tax payments. We also include the models of optimal taxation such as employing opportunities that stem from international agreements.
  • Uncovering tax risks
    Any business involves risks. Nevertheless, when you know what the risk is about and when you know the alternatives, life gets a little better. Let's investigate in it all together.
  • Advice regarding deals and corporative reorganizations
    We explain the tax consequences of the planned deals, and how they should be reflected in accounting books.
  • Everyday tax consulting
    Our task is to help you keep an eye on all changes in tax legislation. We explain the tax specifics of various activities and have answers even to vague questions. Tax legislation consulting can be done as support of client's current business or as assistance in the implementation of a complex and multi-stage business operation, for example, entering the Belarusian market by a foreign investor.
  • Tax reporting
    Specialists of RE VERA Consulting group help setting-up the necessary tax reporting, protecting the company from the "excessive" attention and expenses.
  • Consulting in the field of accounting
    "Using profit on financing the capital investments"; " redemption of shares in the capital on the balance of business entity", "allocation of the spoilage and shortages" and so on. How do you reflect these issues in accounting books and what do you indicate in reports? If you expand your business and take up new activities or implement the innovative solutions, you might need the help of our tax consultants. They will share their knowledge and experience with you to make the unknown simple and clear.
  • Legal examination of normative and innormative acts
    A gap in legislation is the problem of the taxpayer. We will help you read the law in such a way that you can speak the same language with your tax inspector. Are the demands and levies legal? Our task is to help you answer these questions correctly.
  • Application of the international tax agreements
    It is important not only to understand "local customs", but and to use the advantages of the "foreign" element and of norms of international tax agreements.
  • Pre-trial solution of the tax disputes
    Our lawyers help in solution of different trial disputes, including appeal of decisions and actions of state structures and authorities. Court decisions pronounced on these cases have an enormous importance not only for the client whose interests we present in courts, but also for all other taxpayers as they help to bring about improvements in tax legislation.
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